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From our guest book......

Mal & Koby wrote: August 2018

Our 4th trip to Valhalla. Always feels like home. Thanks Kai and team!

Craig & Jasmine wrote: August 2018

Great team. Great spot. Always making us feel at home. Thank you and see you next year.

Derrick & Ennie wrote: August 2018

Thank you so much for a beautiful 5 nights. The food is amazing and we have an awesome honeymoon!  

Long's wrote: August 2018

Thanks, had a a great holiday. We will see you again! We loved it!

Murrays + Ivers wrote: August 2018

We love you guys! Epic stay as usual! Probs back in 2 weeks!

Rachel and Chris wrote: July 2018

Always a great time! Great weather this weekend! You guys are awesome! See you soon!

Hannah and Aaron wrote: July 2018

We had a wonderful time in the lodge, it's just a pity it rained!

Mitchell and Ivanka wrote: July 2018

Fantastic spot on the mountain, girls were amazing & food was delicious. We'll be back.

Rachel + Chris wrote: July 2018

Always a great stay!! Great weather this weekend! You guys are awesome! See you soon!!

James and Rhi wrote: July 2018

Thanks for the stay! We had a lovely time and will be returning! 

Andrea, Steven, Aiden and Amy wrote: July 2018

Thank you for everything. We loved our stay! 

The Munro-Laylim family wrote: July 2018

Thank you for another lovely stay. We enjoyed the comfort of the lodge the lovely food and the friendly staff. 

Shawn and Karen wrote: July 2018

Thank you for your wonderful meals and service. We will be back. Blessings.

Daniella and Oni wrote: July 2018

Thank you for letting us stay @Valhalla. We love everything! Fabulous hospitality and community as always. You always make us feel so welcome. Thank you again.

Greg and Fiona wrote: July 2018

Thanks so much for looking after us so well. WHAT A GREAT PLACE! Really loved how you guys do everything Enjoyed it immensely. 

Matt and Sue wrote: July 2018

Third stay at Valhalla. Love it here as always. Great food and great hosts. Looking forward to going back next time. 

David and Judy wrote: July 2018

Wonderful stay. Beautiful and homely. Wonderful staff. Great good. Thanks so much. 

Elyse and Chloe wrote: July 2018

Very comforting and welcoming staff. Great food 10000000/10 Fantastic!

David and Jenny wrote: July 2018

Great stay made possible by an awesome team. Fantastic location and delicious food! A home away from home! We will be back!

Roslyn wrote: June 2018 

I loved the place. The food, staff and room were wonderful. I'll try and comeback every year. Fantastic!

Rossana and Peter wrote: June 2018

Outstanding service from staff. Beautiful and cosy place to stay. Thank you guys so much. Thank you Amanda for delicious meals.

Suzi wrote: Jun 2018

Awesome lovely friendly delicious welcoming warm place, have had the best time! Thank you Valhalla

Dan, Steph and Jim wrote: June 2018

Thanks for an awesome time. We'll be back soon! 

Latham and Reyce wrote: June 2018

Good rooms, great food. What else could you want.

Renee and Jason wrote: June 2018

Outstanding! Very accommodating staff. We felt like home. Thank you guys! We will be back soon! 

Arwen and family wrote: June 2018

Nice staff and very cosy. Great food.

Andrew and Melissa wrote: June 2018

Thanks for a great stay. We loved the hospitality. Look forward to returning soon. 

David and Kathryn wrote: June 2018

Judging a book by its cover, this place is super awesome

Angus and Reuben wrote: July 2017

Had a great trip to the snow from Alice Springs. Really enjoyed the great service. 

The Munro-Laylim family wrote: July 2017

Thank you very much once again for a wonderful stay and for your helpfulness and generosity and kindness. 

Silvia and Michael wrote: July 2017

We had an unforgettable time at Valhalla. The staff were so welcoming and kind. Thank you so much for having us and making our ski trip so much easier and memorable. :) :)

Todd wrote: June 2017

Enchanting stay, Wonderful staff and feel. Thank you for having us!

Brendan and Karin wrote: June 2017

Had an awesome time. Staff were over and above. Would recommend to everyone.


Lydia and Amelia wrote: October 2016

So welcoming, delicious food and tasty champagne. Thanks for having us and keeping us warm! 

Rishi and Susan wrote: September 2016

Great stay at Valhalla. Food was incredible and the hospitality and customer service was 10/10

Julie wrote: September 2016

Had a great stay. Lovely people great service. Beautiful view. Overall a wonderful experience.

Alan and family wrote: September 2016

We had a fabulous stay. Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and delicious food. Thanks for organising all the snow. :)

Howie and Tia wrote: September 2016

Great people and place. Had a lovely stay!

Roy and Annabelle wrote: September 2016

Love the food, love the rooms. We'll be back. :)

Ash, Leesa and kids wrote: September 2016

Thanks for a great stay! Excellent service from the team as always! Cheers!

Natalie, Mark and kids wrote: September 2016

Thanks guys, another fantastic time in Perisher made easy by Valhalla. Keep up the good work. :)

Kathy and Scarlet wrote: September 2016

Another wonderul stay at Valhalla! Thanks again. We'll be back!

Nanny and Poppy Snow wrote: September 2016

Thanks for another amazing week - see you all next year. The food was fantastic, thanks to Amanda for the extra kilos :)

Gary and Debbie wrote: September 2016
Had a great stay. Fantastic view. Friendly home atmosphere, staff and guests. Good food. Enjoyed socialising 5-7. Great skiing and relax!

Jennifer wrote: August 2016
A wonderful lodge. Love the cheese plater for socialising and admiring the view, relaxing by the fire. Food is exceptional! Thank you.

Leone and Brett wrote: August 2016
As usual a great time. Great friends. Great snow. We will be back.

Toni and Leslie wrote: August 2016
Had a lovely stay great snow, great food, staff friendly and very helpful, had great time meeting lovely people.

Karen and Mike wrote: August 2016
Terrific time, lovely people, lots of fun!!

Bai wrote: August 2016
Lovely holiday because of the nice people and nice place! Thank you very much!

Craig and Jasmine wrote: August 2016
Our second stay and will definitely be coming back for a 3rd. Lovely staff, food and accommodation. Great stay!

M & J wrote: July 2016
Fantastic, thank you! :)

Ron and Deirdre wrote: July 2016
Thanks to all the staff for a great week. Thanks to Kylie for assisting with the booking.

McPhee's wrote: July 2016
Thanks for the amazing hospitality and food. See you again in 2017! Always a pleasure to stay here. To all the staff who continue to be kind and generous, funny and most of all professional. Valhalla is what it is because of you all! Thanks again.  

Kim, Kieran and Chloe wrote: July 2016
Thank you once again for another great week at Valhalla. Love it!

Karen, Riley, Tyler, Shane wrote: July 2016
Love this place, great location and very special service.

Louise and Chris wrote: July 2016
Lovely and accommodating, absolutely beautiful :)

Derrick, Belinda, Hannah, Phillip wrote: July 2016
Thanks again for another wonderful stay! Can't wait to come back next year! :)

Jann wrote: July 2016
Fantastic !!!